Friday, May 27, 2011

I Feel Good. duna na na na na na!

I hope you guys hear the song in your head when you read that. How in the world do you spell duna na na na na? I did my best. 

I am feeling good though. I kicked Boot Camps butt! I am sore already, an hour after workout, which is always a GREAT sign. All that means, is I did something gooood or that I will think is gooood when I'm looking goooood in my wedding dress! :) 

I actually read an article in Shape magazine about how when you workout really hard you have lots of lactic acid build up, that's why you look better after a few weeks off. Strange huh? I don't have the guts to test the theory though. Although, when I did take a 4 week break, I think I may have found that true. Hmm, something to think about huh?

Guess what else?! It's Friday! Where did this week go so fast? I guess that is a good thing? 

I'm actually not looking forward to Saturday because I have to clean alll day long. Bleh. I am looking forward the finished product, a sparkling house though. Give and take, right? 

Have I mentioned that I'm going to attempt to make funnel cake on Sunday (cheat day)?! I would buy it, if I could find somewhere too, but other than Six Flags and the Fair... you can't get Funnel Cake. That may not be a bad business opportunity, but I wonder how lucrative that would turn out! haha 

Pure, mouth-watering, deliciousness!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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