Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Run Forrest!

I am soooo exhausted. I have started running, which is weird for me, cause I swore I'd only ever run if I were running FROM something! haha 

I have to say, now that I have started it, it's not as bad as I thought... BUT, I still don't love it. My legs have been so sore, which is great, because that means something’s working right? I'm pretty sure I had plateaued with my normal hour of cardio routine (Zumba mostly), so I decided to mix it up some more. I have added a lot more weights and then running. My body is still trying to figure out what the heck I'm attempting to do!! I may also mention that I have NO idea how to run, so I'm sure I look like a flat footed nut! Is there a class that teaches you how to run or something?? I just have to focus on running for a complete son, and then a certain distance, or for a certain amount of time and that helps me run for a longer continuous period. 

Moving right along, this week is dragging, isn't it? I am pretty sure it's not just me either. I'm quite sure it relates to how I'm looking forward to this weekend. Oh well, no rush, gotta live in the moment... remember?! 

I know I have mentioned this before, but I seriously want to find a charity or something of that nature to volunteer at. With this wedding coming up I don't really have money to donate, but I would really love to donate my time. I want to help other people. I think it would be such an incredible and positive addition to my life. If yall have any suggestions, I would love them!!


  1. I am a new follower!!!

    Love your blog title!!

    feel free to pop by my blog and say hello when you get a chance!

  2. Hey lady! You're my Blog Swap Partner so ofcourse I had to become a new follower too! Welcome to blogging....now I need to read all your blog postings so I will know what you like! :)

  3. Hey girl! I am soooo excited! Is this your first one? I need to e-mail you so we can swap addresses!!