Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monopoly Themed Wedding

Ha! Not! Maybe I should go with some crazy and wacky wedding ideas so that David Tutera will jump in at the last minute and plan my wedding for me!! 

Sorry, that wouldn't work for me though. I am NOT a last minute person. I am a planner, actually, I love planning. 

David Tutera saved the above bride from herself and her awefull monopoly theme. I hope no one thinks something like that at my wedding, but at the same time, I don't care. 

I hope that doesn't sound really crazy or mean. The day isn't about what's on the table or the cake, it's about a promise that UF and I are making to each other, and that is bottom line, all I care about. Not to mention, I don't think most people will remember what was on the table! haha I've yet to turn "bridezilla" on anyone and I honestly don't think I will. I think my mentality is perfect and I am pretty sure it will stay that way. Do I want perfect flowers? Sure, things happen and I'm not working about controlling every detail of the flowers. That's not what the day is about. 

We are about 2 months away and it seems fast approaching. When people tell you it goes by fast, believe them. I never doubted, I feel prepared, but I'm still getting a little anxious. I'm a "to-do" list kinda gal, and I'm crossing off those "to-do's" like nobodies business... I don't want to be fooling with that stuff a week before the wedding. 

We are going to NH a week before the wedding to prepare and prep, but mostly just enjoy ourselves. So I'd rather not be doing DIY's! haha I'll let you know if that happens!! :)

Can you tell I'm ready?!

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