Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's awkward and awesome Thursday! Woohoo!!

Let's start with 


- Having a male customer compliment me on my engagement ring and then imply I would be "bedding" my fiance that night because of it... do what?! Wierdo. 
- Leaving work in gym clothes, while passing customers... yes, I do work here... 
- My 75 lb yellow lab thinking he's a lap dog.
- Video chatting... woah... yep, that's me. 
- Hearing your voice played back in a video. So uncomfortable!! 
- Spilling "Smart Water" all over yourself. 


- Only one more day until Friday... 
- A weekend of checking off "to do"s
- Getting Netflix back up and running.
- Having a good hair day, just when you need it.
- Missing your work-out and taking the dog for a walk instead. 
- Chick Flicks

Ok, so let's be honest, I had way more awkwards then awesomes this week. Lame. I will try again next week though, have no fear! :) 

Hope yall had better awesomes than I did!!

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