Friday, May 13, 2011

7-11 Life Lesson

I'm baaack and apparently so is Blogger! Holla! Today I thought I'd share the life lesson I learned at 7-11 yesterday. Yes you heard correctly, a life lesson... at 7-11. Pretty awesome huh?

I will start from, mostly, the beginning. I have this new habit of stopping at 7-11 for a coffee in the mornings (I am down to 8 ounces of diet coke a day... and need to get some caffeine from somewhere). So on my way to work, or soon after, I stop at the 7-11 that is literally a block from the store. It's so close that I have considered walking before. The point is, they see me a lot, and we the clerk and I are pretty much bff's. He is an older foreign gentlemen and is absolutely the happiest person I have EVER met.

Now to the good part. I walk up to the cash register and am ready to pay and he says I can swipe my card. I mention that I'm paying cash (I'm literally only holding two 1.00 bills in my hand) and he says, "Oh you are rich!" At which point I laugh and say, "No, but I wish I was!". This is where I got the moral of the story lesson. He simply replies, "You don't have to have money to be rich in life". I was floored. Really, not the reaction I was expecting. He is absolutely so right though. How could I argue with the self-proclaimed "happiest man on the earth" telling me I "don't have to have money to be rich". Lesson learned.

Which got me thinking about other things. I've kinda been in a funk lately trying to figure out some of my own life lessons. I think the best conclusion I've come to is to live for today. I don't want to "just get by" or "just get today over with". What if the next day doesn't come?! I don't want to have things to "look forward" too to help me get through the week. If I were to do that, it only means that I'm not living my life. I'm not living day to day, and I'm not enjoying the little things, the every day things, the things that I will one day realize I took for granted.

I think the end result is a more positive, appreciate, happy Rachel. That's my goal. I have nothing stopping me and no reason not to be. That's my inspiration for the week/month?! :)

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