Monday, August 29, 2011

Misc. Monday

Hi Monday! What an honor to have you drop by once again! 

This post may be a little random, so sue me. :)

This is my current nail color, it makes me so happy! 

This is the brand/shade:

Not sure what the color name is, I will have to check it out at home. 

I am also LOVING my phone case. I got it from Marley Lilly. If you haven't checked out Kelly's sight you should. She has monogrammed EVERYTHING! It's amazing. 

I also made the mistake of checking out the David Yurman sight. BIG mistake. I can't afford that stuff right now. Maybe it will go on my anniversary wish list?? Bleh. 

I love turquoise so this is kind of an obvious right?

Also on my jewelry necklace, a to die for gold necklace. Yes please! 

I just thought this was beautiful. I love all the lines and texture and the purple is gorgeous. Yum. 

This fits in perfect for Misc. Monday too:

Dear Phillipa, I want to wear you again, mmmm, maybe now?!

I think that's all the random I got! :)

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