Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Season

This really has nothing to do with Hurricanes, except that my life has been one lately. 

I really am coming back full throttle here, things have just been craaaAAzy here lately. 

To start, I've been working my booty off since we've been back. I mean, open to close, 12 hour shifts here. In the last 3 days, I have worked 36 hours! You're jealous aren't you?! 

Secondly, UH and I got a puppy. Yes, we are insane. Certified insane. Admittedly, she is cute though. And she is 4 months old versus 8 weeks, and pretty much potty trained... that counts for something right??

We just decided on a name for her... I think, after 3 days of owning her. Calypso... Caly (Cali) for short. Not bad huh?

We are also in the middle of going through all of our personal belongings and getting rid of the CRAP, and welcoming the new and functional items we received from getting married. It's refreshing, but a task.

We also in the midst of coming up with our new FAMILY budget and consolidating. 

I also stood around at DPS for 3 entire hours changing my name. The good news is I had to renew my licence next year anyways, in person with a picture, so I got that taken care of too. DPS wont be seeing me for another 7 years! Woohoo! 

We got the proofs of our wedding pictures, which are AH-MAZING. Like I've said a million times, go check out Jenna Cole. Her work is incredible, and she is such a pleasure to work with. You may even see some of our wedding pics up if you head on over. 

We are starting to get back into the swing of things though, and miss our friends and family already. It was so amazing getting everyone together, that we are already thinking about how to do it again... like I said, certified crazy. :)

So those are my hurricane like conditions!! I will get to sharing honeymoon and pre-wedding pics soon though! 

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