Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally, a 4th Recap.

I have finally uploaded all 200 pictures taken over the 4th of July weekend and am ready to share. I'm sure a lot of you weren't or aren't exactly sure why I have titles my blog Champagne and MUD... here is your explanation, please don't like me less simply for knowing how to get a lil dirty!! :)

 This is the cleanest I was alllll weekend, believe it.

 This is Texas, can you believe we have views like this?!

 Like my hip mud socks?! :)

 UF found a puddle!

 Pre mud hole, semi clean Rachel...

 Mid hole: Definitely NO longer even semi clean. 

Don't worry, we went and rinsed off in the creek shortly after. We also spotted a copperhead snake swimming in that very creek and I was the first to run screaming to shore. My Cajun uncle and a friend of his decided to go after the copperhead and beat it with a stick. Copperheads are dangerous if you didn't know... it was pretty funny. 
That's what I did over the 4th of July weekend. Camped and four wheeled in 100+ degree weather, yes we are crazies! :)

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