Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fo Realz!

That's right, one a Saturday! Fo realz, here I am.

While everyone else is running around enjoying their Saturdays, I'm working (lunch break). Hard to believe right? I feel restless and I can't wait to go home.

Also, I feel hungry. However, I ate two hours ago. I shouldn't be hungry and I'm pretty sure this is a trick. Side note: I am super excited for cheat day tomorrow.

I was about to upload some pictures for yall, but blogger is being rebellious.

Last night we had some friends over and had a nice evening/night/morning? We played some board games ( yes, we play board games at my house) and some poker. UF took all my chips, boo, I hate losing to him. :)

Currently, I am sleepy and re-hydrating. My pj's and coach, along with my dog and UF are calling my name.

I am feeling the hot pink nail polish. If I am not too terribly lazy tonight I will re-paint my toe nails and finger nails. After 4-wheeling last weekend, I am embarrassed to show people my feet. It's that bad.

Lastly, I NEED to start packing for wedding and honeymoon. In all honesty, I should have started doing it forever ago. Shame on me. I will learn.

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