Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Delivering on a Promise.

I managed to take pictures on three different cameras. Therefore, my pictures are all out of order. So here goes the promise Vegas pics!!

 I had to edit this picture. Without a nice little effect on this picture, I'm scary pale. 
I am rethinking giving the Versa tan a try. I need it.
This would be upon our arrival at the Hard Rock Hotel, we stopped for some lunch at Mr. Lucky's

 Then we decided to walk the strip, we stopped into the MGM to check out the lion cubs!

 Then it was on to New York New York. Mags and I in front of the Statue of Liberty... what?!

 Then a nice stranger offered to take a picture for us. I was a little hesitant that I would hand it to him and he would run. Once I handed it to me he said... as a joke... and now I'm going to take off with your camera. I panicked for a millisecond, guilty.
This would my MY dessert plate at the Wynn buffet. I think I only ate dessert!

Maggie and Lee shared a Big Kahuna... which smoked cause it had dry ice in it. It was pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure if you touch dry ice it gives you instant frost bite or something... and it came without a warning. We are soo dangerous! 

I figured I'd say goodbye with this picture. We decided to black out one of UH's teeth at the Pink Taco, a restaurant in The Hard Rock... ya know, like the Hangover guy. We actually asked the restaurant for the permanent marker to do so... they were kind enough to give it to us!

P.S. - Permanent marker does come off your teeth... thank heavens!

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